We offer the best and the most complete range of styles and colours to choose from. Your house, your style, your way.


Residence collection windows come in a style of R7, R9 or R2. They replicate traditional flush timber windows with modern efficiency and low maintenance.


Flush system windows are a timeless, elegant window solution. Characterised by sleek window lines that fit flush into the window frame unlike stormproof windows that overlap in the frame.



UPVC windows are classic low maintenance windows that won’t fade or rot, they are durable and secure.



Aluminium windows are clean and light with a modern contemporary style to suit any property of any age. They are high performing and energy efficient.

Box Sash



Box sash windows are a traditional style of window, a system of weights and pulleys on a piece of sash cord would counterbalance the sash and enable easier movement of the heavy window. The system would be housed inside a box, built inside each window and hidden from view.


Hardwood windows have such character and the beauty of natural wood is more suited to listed buildings or properties in a conservation area.



We offer the best and the most complete range of styles and colours to choose from. Your house, your style, your way.


Front Doors

From Upvc, Composite to Solidor we offer a wide range of styles and colours to choose from to secure your home.



Bifold doors are doors that slide open, made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall like a concertina. Bifold doors can be installed inside or outside your home, as a gateway to your garden or conservatory or even as a way to split a larger room without losing out on that sense of space.

Sliding doors open by moving to the side, with the panes fitting behind one another. You get the benefit of larger expanses of glass and the view isn’t impaired by as many frame lines when the door is shut. Sliding doors are a popular option when space is limited because they do not require room to manoeuvre in and out.

Sliding Doors

French doors are the traditional option of a garden door, mainly open outwards (or inwards by design). They are a simple but effective choice.

French Doors

Residential doors are deceptive, their lightweight feel hides a robust, strong and secure door with excellent insulating properties. 



Garage Doors

Garage doors can be made to open manually or by an electric motor, small garage doors can be made in a single panel that tilts up and back across the garage ceiling. 


We offer the best and the most complete range of styles and colours to choose from. Your house, your style, your way.

Glass lanterns are a great choice for channeling light from all angles and create a stunning architectural showpiece in your home.


Skylights are flat better for pitches roofs, they can be fully open which may be an advantage if you have a poorly vented room.




A conservatory is a structure typically attached to a building such as a house consisting of low level brick walls with framed glazing above.

Our mirrors can be made in any shape any size and any style.


A splash back is a panel of glass which is used in spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms to protect walls and other surfaces from ‘splashes’.

Splash Backs

Glass balustrades are a feature of staircases. These create an open, bright modern feel. The light can flow freely across your home with no spindles obstructing your views.

Staircase Glass Balustrades