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Our Team

Jack Morgan

Managing Director

Meet Jack Morgan, the heart and soul of Rom Valley Glass & Glazing. As a company founder, he is known for being a passionate leader with high standards and a commitment to exceptional customer service. He takes pride in expanding this established family business, with the ultimate goal of meeting industry demands and achieving more each year. As someone born into the glass and glazing industry, he knows exactly what it takes to transform some of the most prestigious homes in the UK.

Alan Morgan


Rom Valley Glass & Glazing owes it all to Alan Morgan, the founder and director. He’s a hands-on member of the team who brings his 43 years’ experience to the table, ensuring the quality of work, team morale and customer satisfaction are all top notch. Alan keeps the team moving forward with his vision and plans for the future.

James Morgan

Sales Director

With over 10 years’ experience in glass and glazing manufacturing and installation, James knows the industry inside out and uses his expert knowledge to assist clients with the utmost professionalism. From meeting potential clients at our showroom and attending site visits through to designing and overseeing the completion of each project, James has got it covered.

Ken McGregor

Operations Manager

Ken McGregor, Rom Valley Glass and Glazing’s seasoned Operations Manager, brings over 30 years of expertise in the glass and glazing industry. Responsible for overseeing daily operations and ensuring seamless coordination between departments, Ken’s leadership skills and industry knowledge contribute significantly to the company’s success. His role encompasses strategic planning, resource allocation, quality assurance, team leadership, client relations, problem-solving, and budget management, all aimed at maintaining operational excellence and client satisfaction within the organization.

Chris Hunt

Installation Manager

Chris is a seasoned Installer with a unique specialisation in glass restoration. His extensive experience in both commercial and residential settings has honed his skills to perfection. As a Glass Restoration Specialist, Chris is dedicated to reviving the beauty of vintage and historical glass elements. Whether it’s restoring stained glass windows in heritage buildings or breathing new life into antique mirrors, Chris approaches each project with a deep appreciation for preserving architectural heritage. His meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to authenticity make him an invaluable guardian of the past.

Richard Attewell


Richard, our seasoned surveyor, boasts over 25 years in the industry and a childhood immersed in windows. Joining our team a decade ago, he has witnessed our company’s remarkable growth. With a blend of qualifications and extensive experience, Richard adeptly evaluates property structural integrity and value. His keen eye and expertise ensure accurate assessments, offering clients insightful evaluations backed by years of hands-on involvement in the field.

Lucy Pulbrook

Sales executive

Lucy is a client-facing sales executive bringing her excellent customer service skills to the showroom, meeting and greeting our visitors. As well as assisting with sales, her organisational skills see her managing relationships with suppliers, completing CAD designs, drawing up quotations and keeping our balances in check. 

Steve Mersica

Service Engineer

Steve is a Highly skilled Service Engineer bringing forth experience working in both commercial and residential spaces. He always provides the highest level of customer service no matter the job from installing skylights to repairing broken glass panes. Skilled in preparing glass and spaces for installation, and committed to working with precision with a focus on customer satisfaction.

John Moody


John is an accomplished Glazier with extensive experience in both commercial and residential settings. As an Expert Glazier, he consistently delivers unparalleled customer service, regardless of the project’s scope, whether it involves installing skylights to enhance natural light or meticulously repairing broken glass panes. With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, John sets the standard for excellence in the glazing industry.

Joe Towsey

Marketing Manager

Providing direction and leadership to all Rom Valley’s marketing activities, Joe brings his creative and design expertise to the team. As a former advertising agency designer and consultant, he’s a strategic thinker with a keen eye for detail that serves us well across all print, outdoor and digital communications.

Chloe Reeves

Marketing Assistant

Chloe is a long-standing team member – and one of the original founders here at Rom Valley Glass & Glazing, bringing her marketing and social media expertise to the table to maximise company profits and growth. She’s proud to be part of a successful and innovative family business.

Robyn Bonnar

Office Administrator

Robyn Bonnar serves as the capable Office Administrator at Rom Valley Glass, adeptly managing administrative tasks and ensuring smooth operations. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational prowess are indispensable to the company’s success. Outside of work, she enjoys fitness activities, traveling, and exploring new adventures.



Mick is a highly skilled Installer renowned for his excellence in both commercial and residential spaces. As a Glass Installation Expert, he brings artistry to every project, whether it’s fitting skylights or meticulously repairing glass panes. With a deep understanding of glass preparation and unwavering commitment to precision, Mick consistently delivers flawless installations, prioritizing customer satisfaction.



Nick is a versatile and highly skilled Installer specialising in sustainable building solutions. As a Sustainable Building Specialist, he leads in eco-conscious construction. Nick excels in fitting energy-efficient windows, solar panels, and eco-friendly materials. His dedication to minimizing environmental impact while ensuring top-tier customer experiences makes him an invaluable asset in today’s green-building industry.

Wayne Wilson


Wayne is an accomplished Installer with a passion for commercial spaces, particularly architectural transformations. In his role as an Architectural Glass Facade Designer, Wayne specializes in crafting awe-inspiring glass facades that redefine urban aesthetics. His expertise extends beyond traditional glasswork, encompassing structural engineering and innovative glazing techniques. Wayne’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each glass installation is not only visually stunning but also structurally sound, enhancing the modern architectural landscape.

Jack Ward


Jack is a Precision Glazier with a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential glazing endeavors. His unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in his consistent delivery of top-tier customer service. Jack specializes in a broad spectrum of tasks, encompassing the installation of skylights and the meticulous repair of broken glass panes. His expertise extends to the precise preparation of glass and spaces, ensuring each project is executed with the utmost accuracy and care. Jack’s dedication to customer satisfaction makes him a valuable asset in the glazing profession, setting a high standard for quality and precision in every task.

Ryan Whitton


Ryan is a dedicated Glazing Specialist known for his exceptional craftsmanship in both commercial and residential contexts. His hallmark is the provision of top-notch customer service, characterized by attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Ryan excels in various aspects of glazing, including the installation of skylights and the intricate repair of damaged glass panes. He is equally skilled in the art of preparing glass and spaces for installation, guaranteeing each project meets the highest standards of quality and precision. Ryan’s unwavering focus on customer satisfaction distinguishes him as a reliable professional in the glazing field.

Liam Waters


Liam is a highly skilled Installer known for his ability to turn imaginative concepts into reality. As a Bespoke Glass Installation Visionary, he excels in creating custom glass installations that defy convention. Liam’s expertise spans both commercial and residential domains, and he specializes in crafting unique glass artistry. Whether it’s sculpting unique glass masterpieces or fitting avant-garde glass partitions, Liam’s dedication to innovation and artistic exploration results in installations that are remarkable and inspiring. His work redefines spaces and serves as a testament to his limitless creativity.